Platinum days of love

Remember those magical moments spent together when everything felt complete and just right? The sudden rush when you discovered your one-of-a-kind love for the first time. It’s a day like no other. The one that marks the day of your togetherness, your Day of Love

Which of these reflect your rare love story?

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"To walk by your side, always. To make you the centre of my universe. It’s a vow, special and rare, that goes beyond time. And I make it to you, my one and only."

You are the centre of each other’s universe and Platinum Vows epitomises your rare bond.

Centre of each other's universe

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"When we first met, it was magical… I felt that I already knew you. For you were me, and I were you. A clear reflection of each other’s souls."

For two souls who mirror each other, these Platinum Love Bands with identical designs to solemnise your rare kind of love.

True reflection of each other

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"What’s a song without words? Or a day without night? Beautifully different, you and I together make a whole. We found in each other the perfect complement. That’s so rare!"

Celebrate this rare match with Platinum Love Bands, designed to look in true harmony – like your rare love.

In perfect harmony together

Platinum love band collection

Carved out of precious platinum that arrived from outer space 2 billion years ago and is now found only in a few places on Earth. This celestial metal is worked on by master craftsmen to turn it into a flawless piece of jewellery. A piece so unique and beautiful, it befits the rare connection you share with your partner.

Platinum Love Bands set with a solitaire; the perfect ode to a love story so rare.
18PTLBJ 31-32
18PTLBU 15-16
18PTLBK 13-14
18PTLBK 7-8
18PTLBK 5-6
18PTLBB 3-4
1L- 1.3L
17PTBLB 23-24
Under 1 Lac
17PTBLB 27-28
Under 1 Lac
17PTKGLB 37-38
Under 1 Lac
17PTJXLB 5-6
Under 80 K

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