Making of Us

When ‘you’ and ‘I’, became ‘Us’.
The making of your love story, the journey that led your paths to merge, the feeling of starting something beautiful together - is exceptional. If you’ve felt that way, we’d love to hear from you!

Annunc and Samuel’s story

He first saw her coming down the stairs, and he fell in love right then!
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Testimonial Image
Testimonial Image

Happiness is when we meet our person of life who can put up with all our craziness but still loves us with the same intensity. Ours is an arranged marriage. We met at my home and Sam still says that he fell in love with me the moment he saw me coming down the stairs. And I found my Platinum Day of Love™ when I realized Sam is exactly the person I expected for my life. BFF and a great companion. I am looking forward to our exciting married life!

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