Making of Us

When ‘you’ and ‘I’, became ‘Us’.
The making of your love story, the journey that led your paths to merge, the feeling of starting something beautiful together - is exceptional. If you’ve felt that way, we’d love to hear from you!

Aditi & Yash

“Most people spend their lives searching for what we found”
Testimonial Image
Testimonial Image
Testimonial Image

"I have never known anything like the friendship I have with him. Over time, we both figured that we like each other as much as we love each other - and I think that's our sweet spot!” There was a strong feeling of inevitability when I met him. It was this feeling of familiarity even though we had hardly known each other, that brought us together. It just goes to show that sometimes, what you are looking for comes to you when you least expect it! The reason I fell in love with him is quite simple, really…he made me realise that love isn’t hard – it’s not about grand gestures or “fairy-tale moments”. It’s the unexpected laughs we share & the way we’re committed to making every day better for each other. He will always know me a little better than anyone else & I’m so grateful to have this connection with Yash, the kind that most people spend their lives searching! - Aditi Chakravarty & Yash Kulshreshtha's #PlatinumDaysOfLove

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