Making of Us

When ‘you’ and ‘I’, became ‘Us’.
The making of your love story, the journey that led your paths to merge, the feeling of starting something beautiful together - is exceptional. If you’ve felt that way, we’d love to hear from you!

Shikha & Palaash

They were poles apart, yet something brought them together….forever!
Testimonial Image

“We had been seeing each other for two and a half years. But our personalities were so different – he’s the extrovert who loves to go clubbing; I’m the introvert who just needs a good book! Still…there was just something about him – I couldn’t help falling deeper in love with! He is so supportive and always encourages me to pursue things I am passionate about, I feel he really stands by me no matter what. We’re involved in each other’s interests but also give each other the space to do what we like – the comfort that has come out of this, cannot be replaced & I’m so thankful!” – Shikha Singh & Palaash Tiwari #PlatinumDaysOfLove

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